To become an Ampro Insider the applicant must:


  • "Who's Watching?" 

    • Must have at least 500 subscribers/monthly website visits;

  • "Can You Commit?"

    • Must agree to participate as an Ampro Insider for 12 at least months;

  • "Can You Give Us A Heads Up?"

    • Must agree to submit review to Ampro before posting to the public;

    • Reviews are not required to be positive, but in the event of criticism, we'd appreciate it more if it were constructive so that we may improve our offerings.

  • Can You Share?

    • Monthly, one of the videos from our Insiders will be selected to be posted on AmproGel.com, YouTube.com/Amprogel, and Ampro's Social Networks.  If we post it, the video will then become the property of Ampro Industries, Inc.

    • The winning vlogger receive compensation for said video.