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To become an Ampro Insider the applicant must:


  • "Who's Watching?" 

    • Must have at least 500 subscribers/monthly website visits;

  • "Can You Commit?"

    • Must agree to participate as an Ampro Insider for 12 at least months;

  • "Can You Give Us A Heads Up?"

    • Must agree to submit review to Ampro before posting to the public;

    • Reviews are not required to be positive, but in the event of criticism, we'd appreciate it more if it were constructive so that we may improve our offerings.

  • Can You Share?

    • Monthly, one of the videos from our Insiders will be selected to be posted on,, and Ampro's Social Networks.  If we post it, the video will then become the property of Ampro Industries, Inc.

    • The winning vlogger receive compensation for said video.

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